a rich story

creation of the company

Eric Abidal entrusts the management of his career to Score Agencies (AS Monaco – Lille LOSC – Olympique Lyonnais – FC Barcelona – AS Monaco – Olympiakos FC).

Eric Abidal is loaned with an option to buy € 1million, for one season, by AS Monaco from Lille club LOSC.

Thanks to its excellent services, Lille LOSC decides to exercise the purchase option.

Eric Abidal is transferred from club Lille LOSC to club Olympique Lyonnais for an amount of 8.5 million euros + bonus.

Score Agencies opens up to the “Spanish market” with the transfer of Eric Abidal from Olympique Lyonnais to FC Barcelona, ​​for an amount of 17 million euros + bonus.


Jérémy Clément joins Paris SG.

Installation of the company in new premises, in downtown Lyon.

Arrival of Jessica Wils-Mayer – Executive Assistant.

Alexandre Lacazette (Olympique Lyonnais) and Kurt Zouma (AS Saint Etienne), two French football hopefuls of the moment, choose to collaborate with Score Agencies.


Score Agencies opened up to coaches by supporting Robert Duverne, then on the staff of the French Team.

Protec Sport becomes a partner of Score Agencies for asset management and provident insurance for agency clients.

Kurt Zouma joins Chelsea FC for 13 million euros + bonus – a record transfer for the club AS Saint Etienne in this period.


Coach Christophe Galtier – voted best L1 coach of the season in 2013 and 2019 – joins Score Agencies.

Alexandre Lacazette has been transferred from club Olympique Lyonnais to club Arsenal FC.

The transfer, worth 53 million euros, is a record for both clubs and is historic at this time.

Coaches trust Score Agencies.

Pascal Dupraz, Fabio Celestini, Patrice Garande, David Guion join the agency.


Score Agencies opens up to women’s football.

Sarah Bouhaddi (Olympique Lyonnais) is the first player to entrust us with her career management, followed in 2020 by Valérie Gauvin (Everton FC).

Several players – hopes of French football – entrust their interests to Score Agencies

  • Loïc Perrin – player of AS Saint Etienne
  • Jérémy Clément – player of Olympique Lyonnais
  • Jérémy Berthod – player of Olympique Lyonnais and World Champion U17
  • Brian Bergougnoux – player of Olympique Lyonnais

The activity of the company is then fully launched.

Jérémy Clément entrusts the management of his sporting interests to Score Agencies (Olympique Lyonnais – Glasgow Rangers – Paris SG – AS Saint Etienne – AS Nancy Lorraine – FC Bourgoin-Jallieu).

Loïc Perrin chooses Score Agencies to represent him throughout his sports career (AS Saint Etienne).

Jérémy Clément is transferred to Glasgow Rangers for compensation for £ 1.1million. He now has playing time under his new colors.

Arrival of Jérémie Sutter within the agency, as Sports Advisor for the Lyon region and Head of Score Services development.

Marketing of the Score Services offer begins.

Arrival of Joël Guitay (former recruiter and educator of AS Saint Etienne) – Sports advisor for the Saint Etienne region.

Kurt Zouma signs his first professional contract with AS Saint Etienne, when he is not yet 17 years old: he is starting his professional career.

Beginning of collaboration with Charles Abi (AS Saint Etienne), young hope of French football.

Implementation of a dedicated digital service for the agency’s clients.

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis and as part of its Score Services offer, the agency is supporting the Guardian of the French team, Sarah Bouhaddi, to raise 1 million euros, to support a minimum of 200 families who have become single parents with minor children.

Score Agencies relied in particular on its partnership with the One O One endowment fund, which works for the progress of resuscitation by funding healthcare education projects, research projects, and patient support actions. and families.



Alexandre Bonnefond


Jessica Wils-Mayer

Executive Assistant

Jérémie Sutter

Sports Advisor

Joël Guitay

Sports Advisor

Christophe Breton

Financial Advisor