To develop his career and achieve high levels, an athlete must work constantly and relentlessly, to show rigor and extreme concentration.

Every sportsman therefore needs to be accompanied and assisted in the management of his career, in particular to guarantee his interests.

For many years, the Score Management department has been advising players before, during and after their football career, and offers their experience, professionalism, solid skills and excellent knowledge of the sporting world.
Score Management gives each athlete personalized attention according to their age, their needs and the requirements of their careers, in order to build a healthy relationship based on trust and transparency, the key to a lasting success.
Score Management is a valuable ally for the careers of athletes because it listens to them, defends their interests and offers them a full range of services:


·        Consulting in development, management and career follow-up.

·        Management, negotiation and follow-up of professional contracts.

·        Close collaboration with the medical community.

·        Media-training sessions.

·        Advice in the choice of equipment manufacturer.

·        Post-career preparation.

All of these services are developed in collaboration with our other departments.